Tucker Carlson Says Biden’s Black Identity Politics Will Lead To “Tribal Warfare”

(PatriotWise.com)- Tucker Carlson, one of the most-watched men in cable news, slammed President Joe Biden’s plan to nominate the next Supreme Court justice on the basis of race and gender and claimed that the decision would ultimately “end with tribal warfare.”

On his Wednesday night show, Carlson laid into Biden’s reiteration of an earlier promise that he would nominate the first African American woman to be a Supreme Court justice – a promise he first made during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Carlson was one of a litany of conservative commentators who slammed the decision and recommended that the president instead nominate someone who is right for the job – rather than favoring identity politics.

Carlson also asked questions about how the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer got out, after reports revealed that Breyer had not yet confirmed his resignation and wasn’t ready to announce it to the public. He seemed to suggest that Breyer had perhaps been encouraged or pushed to confirm reports that he was planning to step down.

The Fox anchor noted that when Biden promised back in 2020 that his administration will “look like the country” and that he would also “pick a woman to be vice president,” he didn’t even tell the country that she was a “nice person.”

He said the same about the Supreme Court nomination, too.

“All he said was she’s going to be Black and she’s going to be female, because to him, that’s all that mattered,” he said.

Carlson also noted the blatantly racist approach that the president has in making these appointments, accusing the president of “believing all Black women are the same.”

He then went on to ask why the president isn’t picking a native American, a “genderqueer” person, or some other minority. Where does it end?

“Identity politics always ends with tribal warfare…it’s funny the Biden people can’t see that maybe they can see it and don’t care, or maybe it’s the entire point of the exercise,” he added.

What do you think…does the Biden administration know that these decisions divide society? Do they care?