Tucker Carlson Says COVID Is What Gave Democrats The White House

(PatriotWise.com)- The mixed messaging, flip-flops and over-all bungling coming from the Biden Administration when it comes to COVID-19 hasn’t exactly been reassuring.

It’s clear now that the man who claimed, during the 2020 election that unlike President Trump, he had a plan to deal with the COVID pandemic, was being as honest about that as he was about getting arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela.

Biden vowed repeatedly during the campaign that he would not shut down the economy; he would not shut down the country. Instead, he would shut down the virus.

He failed. On Friday as he was leaving the White House for a weekend at Camp David, President Biden told reporters that, in all probability, “rougher restrictions” on the country because of COVID are returning.

Quite a turnaround from late October 2020 when Biden, campaigning in Florida, again vowed he wouldn’t shut down the country; he was going to shut down the virus.

On Monday morning, OAN reporter Jack Posobiec tweeted that a White House official said that President Biden plans a lockdown speech, and they’re “planning to make it sound like one of the most solemn in history, real Bush on the night of 9/11 type stuff.” Posobiec reports that the source said Americans should start “stocking up if I were y’all.”

On Friday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped both the White House and Congressional Democrats over their dreadful handling of COVID-19 – from their mixed messaging to their dictatorial abuse of power, and, most importantly, their exploitation of the pandemic for political purposes.

It is without question that the Democrats exploited the COVID lockdowns to remove every safeguard preventing voter fraud during the 2020 elections. And, as reported by Fox News last week, the Department of Justice is threatening to sue any state that dares to return to pre-pandemic election rules. The only logical conclusion is that the Democrats are hoping to once again exploit a virus with a 99% survival rate to undermine the integrity of the 2022 Midterm elections the same way they did in 2020.

That would certainly explain why suddenly, when faced with a far less deadly variant, the Democrats are going all-in on returning to lockdowns and masking. They have an election to win.

Watch Tucker’s monologue HERE.