Tucker Carlson Says Italy Is A Much Bigger Threat Than Russia Right Now

(PatriotWise.com)- Once again, the American corporate media is lying about Tucker Carlson to paint him as a pro-Putin stooge.

Last Wednesday, Tucker opened his show by questioning the ongoing financial support the United States is giving to Ukraine at a time when the US economy is facing 40-year high inflation and skyrocketing consumer prices.

During his monologue, Tucker pointed out that Russia isn’t the country “recolonizing Africa” or building military bases in the Caribbean and South America. That would be “Joe Biden’s patron,” China, Tucker explained.

While he concedes that Russia is a regional threat to Ukraine, Tucker notes that China is the adversary that is “on its way to controlling the world.”

But instead of zeroing in on China, politicians in Washington are throwing taxpayer money at Ukraine while claiming Putin is a global threat.

But how did the idiots in the corporate media spin this powerful 19-minute opening monologue?

By claiming that Tucker “suggested” Italy is a bigger global threat than Russia.

This is how stupid the corporate media thinks its readers are.

Does Tucker Carlson mention Italy in his monologue?

Yes, he does. He pointed out that Russia’s economy is smaller than Italy’s. And by that measure, Tucker added, Italy is in a better financial position to take over the globe than Russia is.

He didn’t say Italy is a bigger global threat, for Pete’s sake.

His point is that in the grand scheme of things, the single biggest global threat is China, and the claims that Vladimir Putin is hell-bent on world domination are ludicrous.

But, see, the media is so desperate to continue its “Tucker is Pro-Putin” narrative that it is unwilling to honestly report on what he actually said.

You can watch the segment yourself HERE.