Tucker Carlson Tells Why Robert Kennedy Jr Is Being Targeted

(PatriotWise.com) — Tucker Carlson released the sixth episode of his new show, Tucker on Twitter, last Thursday, in which he focused on Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and also slammed the mainstream media as well as Peter Hotez, a pediatrician who refuses to debate vaccines with Kennedy.

The caption accompanying the sixth episode of Carlson’s new show said, “Bobby Kennedy is winning.” In the episode, Carlson addressed the harsh treatment Kennedy has been receiving from the media, which he compared and contrasted to former President Donald Trump’s campaign announcement in 2015.

Compared to how Kennedy is being treated, according to Carlson, what Trump received from the media was “a gentle scalp massage.” Carlson then traced the general attitude of the mainstream media toward Kennedy back to 2005 when Kennedy first raised the question about whether or not there is a link between the development of autism and vaccines.

Big Pharma responded to Kennedy’s claims with a public relations campaign that Carlson described as “the most ferocious” in living memory. Since then, these companies now command social media platforms to censor their opponents. In May, Kennedy’s Instagram was shut down but restored a few weeks later. YouTube also removed a recent conversation Kennedy had with Daily Wire contributor, Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Carlson also mentioned the recent Twitter feud between pediatrician Peter Hotez and Joe Rogan after Kennedy appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, Hotez criticized the episode, to which Rogan responded by asking Hotez to come on the show to debate Kennedy. Hotez refused.

In May, Fox News suddenly canceled Tucker Carlson Tonight, which shocked viewers around the country, especially because it was the network’s highest-rated show. It was later revealed that the cancellation of Carlson’s show was part of the settlement deal in the Dominion Voting Systems v. Fox News Network lawsuit.

Despite the efforts of Big Pharma and the media to prop up the medical establishment, Carlson said many Americans are seeing through it and that Kennedy is ultimately “winning.”

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