TV Star’s CHARGES Suddenly Dropped

( – Former Bravo reality TV star Mike Shouhed reached a very generous deal with California prosecutors in his domestic violence case related to a March arrest after an alleged physical altercation with his fiancé, Paulina Ben-Cohen.

According to court documents, Shouhed made a deal with prosecutors that dismissed several misdemeanor charges from his domestic violence arrest in exchange for his agreeing to participate in a 2-year diversion program, including classes on anger management, parenting classes, and a gun safety course. Shouhed will also have to complete community service and will not be able to own or use a firearm until the terms of the deal are completed

Shouhed was arrested in March and initially charged with domestic violence, battery, and unlawfully attempting to dissuade a witness. At the time of his arrest, police discovered a loaded firearm stored illegally in Shouhed’s home. He was subsequently charged with criminal storage of a loaded firearm and possession of an assault weapon.

A week after Shouhed’s arrest, Bravo canceled his show “Shahs of Sunset” after nine seasons. However, Bravo did not say the cancelation was due to Shouhed’s arrest. Instead, insiders said that costs were the reason “Shahs of Sunset” was canceled while showrunners said the reality show had run its course.

In a statement regarding the deal, Shouhed’s attorney George Mgdesyan said both parties decided to settle the case out of court because prosecutors could not prove it. The attorney said the weapons charge against his client was only a technical violation since Shouhed had purchased the weapon before the laws changed.

Shouhed and his fiancé have been engaged since 2019 and remain together.

In a statement, his fiancé said that she supported the work of the police and the City Attorney’s office and is continuing to cooperate with them. Her representatives said she would like to put the “sad situation behind her” and move on with her life.

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