Twitter DOESN’T Ban Shaun King After Exposing Police Officer To Possible Violence

( Twitter proved once again that they are biased in favor of far-left activists this week when they refused to ban Black Lives Matter supporter Shaun King. Following the shooting of criminal Jacob Blake, King threatened to publish the names of police officers from Kenosha’s police department if they did not reveal the name of the officer who shot the criminal.

King’s angry comments come at a time when far-left and Black Lives Matter activists are itching to condemn police officers who have the audacity to protect themselves from violent criminals holding knives, and who enforce the law regardless of race. In the case of Jacob Blake, which prompted widespread riots across Kenosha and Wisconsin, police officers were compelled to shoot the criminal owing to the fact he was holding a knife, resisting arrest, and leaning into his vehicle to grab something.

Shaun King and the Black Lives Matter movement – and even Joe Biden – have condemned the incident as a racist attack against an innocent black man.

Despite the fact that the huge amount of anger on the streets of Kenosha clearly puts the police officers involved in the incident at risk, King continued his tirade and began publishing photographs of officers and asking if they are the ones involved with the incident.

Despite this, Twitter did not ban him. Daily Wire reporters reported the posts to Twitter but were told that King was “not in violation of Twitter rules.

Evidently, Twitter doesn’t recall the time that King falsely accused Robert Paul Cantrell, who was in jail on robbery charges, of being involved with the murder of a seven-year-old black girl called Jazmine Barnes. After linking him to the attack, which he had no involvement in, Cantrell committed suicide in his prison cell.

Stay classy, Shaun King.

By the way, we can’t end this piece without mentioning the fact that Shaun King says he is black but both of his biological parents are white Europeans. Just saying