Twitter “Fact-Checks” Ted Cruz

( Salon recently published a piece claiming that Texas Senator Ted Cruz was “fact-checked” by Twitter, but the reality is that the Texas Senator told the truth and people didn’t like it.

On Friday, Senator Cruz said that President Joe Biden entered the White House with the intention of sabotaging American energy independence and energy production. He made the comments as the price of gas continues to rise and the United States simply cannot meet domestic oil demand, forcing President Joe Biden to look to Venezuela to replace the oil that can no longer be imported from Russia.

During an interview with Michael Knowles on YouTube, Cruz said that the cost of energy was gone “up and up and up” since Biden entered the White House. A statement that is entirely and unequivocally true.

“We’ve seen the price of oil going up and up; we’ve seen the price of natural gas going up and up; we’ve seen the price of gasoline going up and up, and that’s not a surprise. That is cause and effect,” Cruz said.

What he said was true. It simply was. But that didn’t stop Twitter extremists from defending President Joe Biden. It was those extremists that Salon chose to report on, claiming that Twitter had “fact-checked” Cruz.

Watch the clip and see if anything he says is wrong:

Salon tried to claim that Cruz offered a “distortion of reality” and then offered no evidence to the contrary. The outlet claimed that the “true culprit” of rising gas prices is “the monopolistic grasp that fossil fuel corporations have on the global energy market.”


That doesn’t explain anything – and if their solution is to switch to renewables, then the inconvenient truth is that renewables just aren’t ready yet.

What do Salon’s writers think would happen if the United States tapped domestic oil supply while working on renewables for the future? Do they not realize that it would slash energy costs for millions of Americans?

And do they really think that anything can be done to force OPEC countries to drive down the cost of oil?