Twitter To Start Warning “Snowflakes” Before They Get Into Heated Conversations

( If you’ve noticed a weird new feature on Facebook that warns you if a conversation might get heated, then don’t worry: it’s not just you. It’s a new offering from Twitter designed to help snowflakes avoid confrontation and to discourage arguing on the platform.

The social media giant is testing out a new feature on some users’ platforms that warns: “conversations like this can be intense.”

Twitter Support revealed the new system on its Twitter Support page on Wednesday, and since then it has gained widespread ridicule and criticism from people who feel as though the social network is trying to behave as a parent.


The feature also goes further, and may soon offer users tips on how to keep their posts factual and respectful.

Yes, factual. Twitter wants to help you make posts that they consider factual.

“Remember the human,” one tip says, adding, “communicating with respect makes Twitter better.”

Perhaps they should direct that one to their Democrat users.

“Facts matter” another tip adds, which is ironic given how Twitter banned the New York Post for publishing an entirely factual story about a laptop abandoned by the son of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, which revealed a plethora of horrifying details about the Biden family’s business ties to China.

If you want to know the definition of “gaslighting,” open a dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Jack Dorsey pointing to a message that reads “facts matter.”