U.S. Army Brags About Soldier Who Felt Suicidal

(PatriotWise.com) — Over the weekend, Twitter users blasted the US Army for publishing a feature profile about a transgender Army Major who claimed that coming out and “living authentically” as a transgender woman saved his life.

Major “Rachel” Jones, a somewhat overweight, balding man who serves as the chief of the Army’s Sustainment Command Cyber Division, said he struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts throughout his life. But now that he is living as a woman, the depression and thoughts of suicide are gone.

While he privately came out as transgender in 2019, Jones was unable to be open about it in the Army since the military barred transgenders from serving.

But then, while on assignment away from home for six months, Jones decided that he “needed to make a change.” He scheduled an appointment with a therapist “to sort through these feelings and learn self-acceptance.”

Jones said the therapy helped him “detangle my feelings about being transgender” and find a way to separate them from the feelings that he is “evil.” In time, he began to “accept and love myself.”

Imagine members of the Chinese military reading this profile.

After the Biden administration lifted the transgender ban, Jones publicly “came out” to his comrades.

He gushed in the profile about how lucky he is to work for an organization that is so accepting and supportive of his gender confusion.

The mistake the Defense Department made was deciding to post a link to the Army’s profile of Jones on its Twitter account.

Unsurprisingly, the replies were not exactly supportive.

Several Twitter users wondered how someone as overweight as Jones managed to pass the Army physical. Others pointed out that the Army publishing a gushing profile about a balding, overweight man who thinks he is a woman may be part of the reason recruitment levels have dropped off.

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