U.S. Lawmaker Says Blacks Have Short Life Span Because Of Higher Homicide Rates

(PatriotWise.com)- In a declaration issued last week, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared “systemic racism” as a “public health crisis.” In her declaration, Lightfoot announced that the city would divert $10 million in CDC grants earmarked for COVID pandemic response to establish what she called “healthy Chicago equity zones.”

In her press conference, Lightfoot blamed racism for taking “a devastating toll on the health and well-being of our residents of color – and particularly those who are black.”

Lightfoot claimed that not “formally acknowledging” this history of systemic racism and the “continuing impact of that infamous legacy,” Chicago would never be able to “move forward as a city.”

Lightfoot’s goal is to look at “the root causes” of “today’s challenges.”

Black on black killings in Chicago are skyrocketing. That sounds less like “systemic racism” and more like cases of lead poisoning.

No doubt the search for “root causes” of spiking crime, exploding shootings and homicides will be as successful as Kamala’s hunt for the “root causes” of the Biden Border Crisis.

In an interview on Newsmax last Friday, former New York Republican Congressman Peter King dismissed Lightfoot’s claim that “systemic racism” is what is “literally killing us.”

King believes Lightfoot is “totally off the mark,” adding that racism in this country is far less prevalent today than it was in the past, “probably than any time in our history.”

According to King, it isn’t “system racism” that is shortening the lives of blacks in Chicago. Instead, it is the homicide rate that has been steadily climbing “under the last two mayors.”

King added that, rather than blame the shortened lifespan of blacks on “racism,” Mayor Lightfoot should “look at her own strategies.”

Over the weekend, social media exploded over a brutal attack in Chicago that was caught on video. In the video, a Hispanic couple celebrating Puerto Rican Day were dragged from their car by several black suspects and shot in the street. The 24-year-old man was shot dead and the woman remains in critical condition.

In responding to the horrific video, Mayor Lightfoot argued that she didn’t believe the men involved in the shooting “are typical by any stretch of young black men in our city.”

Lori really should get out more.

On his show Monday night, Tucker Carlson tackled “defund the police,” the rising crime in American cities and specifically cited this brutal shooting in Chicago.