U.S. Marines Have Yet To Approve Religious Vaccine Exceptions

(PatriotWise.com)- Reports suggested this week that the United States Marine Corps has not yet approved a single religious exemption for serving members of the military who do not want to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccination deadline for the U.S. Marine Corps is November 28, meaning there is only one month last for soldiers to either be forced to take the vaccine or be forced to leave the forces.

The Washington Examiner reported that a spokesperson for the Marine Corps said that the Marines had so far not exempted anybody on religious grounds, and refused to provide any details on how many exemptions were requested. The data will not be released until around the same date as the deadline.

Current data shows that, as of October 20, some 83% of the Marine Corps’ active forced were fully vaccinated. Some 92% are partially vaccinated, and everybody will be required to have taken the second shot by November 14 – as people are not technically considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after the second shot.

Any Marine who refused the vaccine will be “processed for administrative separation,” according to a statement from the Marine Corps on Monday.

Anybody who refused to take the vaccine without the appropriate exemption will not be allowed to reenlist and won’t be eligible for separation pay.

Doesn’t this strike you as an effort by the Biden administration to remove Trump supporters from the military?