U.S. Navy Makes Child-Themed Video For Sailors About Gender Identity

(PatriotWise.com)- The US Navy has released a training video to teach sailors about using the right pronouns to “show that we’re allies” while creating “a safe space for everybody.”

The official Navy video shows two Navy civilian staffers dressed in “Pride” attire who share their pronouns and proceed to explain that they are there “to talk about pronouns.”

One host explains that using correct pronouns “affirms someone’s identity” and is a “signal of acceptance and respect.” The host adds that to create “a safe space for everybody,” sailors should use “inclusive language,” like saying “hey, everyone” instead of “hey, guys.”

The other Pride-attired host suggests that using pronouns when introducing yourself is another way to show “that we’re allies and that we accept everybody.” She explains that if by chance you “misgender” someone, simply correct yourself or, if the other person calls you out, “accept the correction and move on.”

We’re going to lose the next war.

While America’s enemies focus on building military might and winning wars, we’re focusing on “affirming someone’s identity” by using the correct pronouns.

This training video is one of a series released by the Naval Sea Systems Command Inclusion & Engagement Council’s Diversity Team. The series, “NAVSpEAks” is supposed to highlight the “diverse voices and perspectives.”

Former Navy SEAL, Congressman Dan Crenshaw blasted the video and suggested everyone in the Navy who is putting pronouns in their emails should be fired, adding “focus on how to be better at war.”

“For God’s sake,” Crenshaw added, “stop this stupidity.”

But this stupidity isn’t going to stop. It’s by design.

The Biden Administration has infected every part of the federal bureaucracy with this “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity” nonsense.