U.S. States Are Bringing Back Gun Rights

(PatriotWise.com) — Over half of US States now have constitutional carry laws thanks to a vibrant movement favoring the Second Amendment. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed off on legislation to make that state the 26th in the union allowing its citizens to carry concealed weapons without a mountain of permit slips from state officials.

Guns rights groups and activists nationwide believe that their Second Amendment rights are more important than ever as America drifts into political upheaval. Black Lives Matter riots and increasing violence from left-wing radicals have taught conservatives that the ability to protect their families and properties is more critical than ever.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Willes Lee, an official in the National Rifle Association, said, “The bottom line is Americans watched years, certainly a year of riots and arson and looting. And they decided that they needed to be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Not everybody wants to do that. But they recognize the right to do so.”

South Carolina is poised to follow Florida and become the 27th constitutional carry state. State Rep. Bobby Cox (R) introduced the relevant legislation in February, and it sailed through the House by 87-26. It passed a Senate subcommittee by 3-2 and is on the way to becoming law.

A battle is brewing in Nebraska, where Legislative Bill 77 advanced through its second debate by 31-10 votes. This would make Nebraska state number 28. Gov. Jim Pillen supports the legislation, but some Democrats in the State Senate have been battling against it. State Sen. Jane Raybould said loosening laws in the face of mass shootings is “illogical.” She was referring to the murder of six at a Christian school in Tennessee in March. However, Sen. Tom Brewer, who sponsored Bill 77 said constitutional carry is not about schools but the constitutional right to self-defense. He said legally held guns could have prevented the tragedy in Nashville, and added that he plans to introduce a bill allowing teachers and school staff to carry firearms.

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