U.S. Trucker Convoy Arrive In D.C.

(PatriotWise.com)- The People’s Convoy of US truckers that began its trek from Adelanto, California to Hagerstown, Maryland, drove two loops around the Capital Beltway, Interstate 495, in Washington DC on Sunday before returning to their base in Hagerstown.

As they made their trek around the beltway, the truckers were greeted by waving crowds of people gathered on overpasses holding signs and American flags.

One video posted on Twitter showed the trucks heading out from Hagerstown passing under a large American flag hoisted between two cranes as supporters stood along the road waving to the truckers.

According to the Washington Post, convoy organizer Brian Brase said the truckers planned to circle the beltway every day this week until their demands are met.

On Sunday, authorities in Washington DC said they are monitoring the convoy’s activities and expected travel to be disrupted on roadways throughout the region.

State police in Maryland and Virginia also said they were monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told ABC News that the Secretary of Defense approved the request from the Capitol Police and Homeland Security to keep the National Guard troops in DC until Wednesday.

On Tuesday, organizers for the People’s Convoy met with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson to “discuss the harmful effects of President Biden’s vaccine mandates.”

Senator Johnson praised the truckers, saying they were “fighting for freedom.”

Senator Cruz summed up the truckers’ demands succinctly, saying they “want the government to leave them the hell alone.”

The truckers called for congressional hearings on the origins of the COVID pandemic as well as an investigation into both state and federal COVID responses.

About one hundred truckers met with Republican House members Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Thomas Massie who organized an invitation-only discussion with the group.

Missouri Republican Congressman Sam Graves, a member of the House Transportation Committee, held a roundtable discussion between some of the truckers and other Republican members of the Committee.

Organizer Brian Brase said the truckers weren’t going to leave “until we start getting more meetings like” the ones they held on Tuesday.