UK Government Says Schools Must Tell Parents If Children Are “Transgender”

( Parents must be involved in their children identifying as transgender or nonbinary at school, according to the United Kingdom’s Education Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi, who spoke to a select committee of legislators.

On Wednesday, in response to queries from the Education Committee, Zahawi stated that parents must be “front and center” in protecting their children from beliefs that are not age-appropriate. The government is now working on a new guideline for instructors.

After being asked about a recent YouGov poll in which 79 percent of secondary teachers stated that their school had at least one student on its roll who identified as transgender or nonbinary. Zahawi noted that she would not typically notify parents if their child adopted a cross-sex identification while at school.

According to the survey results, just five percent of instructors would notify parents if their children adopted a cross-sex identification at school, and a third would only notify parents with the child’s express approval, according to the results.

Zahawi stated that “parents must be at the forefront and center” of the discussion in response to the question.

Zawahi said that his message to the front-line workers is that you have to engage parents and have a responsibility to protect the children, and parents are an essential part of it.

Meanwhile, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against the Welsh government over proposals to require children as young as three years old to learn about sex and gender identity.

Four moms, who collectively represent more than 5,000 parents and grandparents, have filed a lawsuit to have the Labour-led government’s proposal to make Religious and Sex Education (RSE) classes mandatory overturned on constitutional grounds.

However, anti-RSE activists argue that the issues included in the new curriculum, which will consist of themes like religion, sex, and gender, are ‘developmentally unsuitable’ for elementary students. Ministers contend that the topics are ‘developmentally acceptable’ for primary students.

A spokesperson for the Welsh Government said it is totally false to claim that we are “sexualizing” youngsters, citing backing from organizations such as the NSPCC and the Welsh Children’s Commissioner’s Office.

According to the Welsh Government, every learner in Wales will have full access to high-quality Relationships and Sexuality Education as part of the new curriculum, which is intended to protect them and help them negotiate the difficult field of relationships and sexuality as they become older.

But they are not sexualizing children.