UK Government Signs Contract With Giant Tech Firm That Puts Us All At Risk

( The British government has reportedly signed a contract with a big technology company that has previously recommended implementing COVID-19 vaccine passports into a national ID system.

The UK government gave £250,000 to Entrust, a global IT company, to provide cloud computing software that will power a new COVID vaccine certification scheme – better known as a “COVID vaccine passport.” Entrust has already rolled out national ID systems in Malaysia, Ghana, and Albania.

To this company, it’s just business. To the people of the United Kingdom, it’s a step towards tyranny that will usher in a new era of discrimination against people who choose not to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Entrust describes itself as a “global leader” in providing data protection and payment solutions, and is now expected to be the main software driver behind the British government’s plan to introduce a digital scheme that allows people to prove whether or not they have taken the COVID vaccine.

iNews, a British news outlet, reported how Entrust wrote that vaccine passports should be implemented as a “national ID strategy” and become so ingrained in society that they became a “part of the infrastructure of the new normal.”

Doesn’t that sound terrifying?

If a company like this is hired by a British conservative government, then how long might it be before President Joe Biden and far-left Democrats In Congress force through new legislation allowing vaccine passports to be used in the United States, too?

In January, Entrust hosted a webinar in which they explained how vaccine passports might not just be used to help people travel, but that they could also be used by governments to “collect valuable data.”

John Bejjani, a senior product manager from the company, also said that the ID scheme could be used to identify criminals.

The new normal is on its way, folks…