United Airlines Evacuates Plane Ready For Takeoff

(PatriotWise.com)- Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight bound from San Francisco International Airport to Orlando were quickly evacuated last Thursday and the plane searched after some of the passengers reported receiving an unsolicited photo of an airsoft gun.

Some dope of a teenager aboard the plane thought it would be fun to send the photo to some of his fellow passengers using the AirDrop feature from Apple. As a result, law enforcement was notified and officials asked passengers to get off the plane so they could once again go through security screening while the plane was thoroughly searched.

Christopher Beale, a local San Francisco radio host reported that his mother was among the passengers asked to disembark. In a series of tweets posted Thursday afternoon, Beale documented the incident, conveying the events as described to him by his mother.

It was eventually determined that the photo was not taken aboard the plane nor in the airport, but was taken on a different day entirely. Airport officials said the teenager did not have the airsoft gun in his possession aboard the plane.

Once the search was complete, all passengers except for the idiot teen were permitted to re-board the plane and continue on their way. The flight took off nearly three hours later than originally scheduled.

This isn’t the first time a stupid prank prompted an emergency evacuation of passengers from a flight. In 2019, a Lufthansa flight had to be evacuated after a Serbian man phoned in a bomb threat in an insane attempt to prevent a flight attendant he was sweet on from leaving the country.

The 65-year old man met two flight attendants earlier and both declined his invitation for dinner. But he was so smitten by one of them, he went to her hotel to pursue her, only to discover she had left for a flight from Belgrade to Frankfurt. So he phoned in the threat in order to ground her flight and have his chance to woo her.

One hundred and thirty passengers and crew were evacuated and a search conducted, and the flight was delayed for eight hours.

Authorities tracked the lovestruck hoaxer down by tracing the location of his phone. He was arrested and charged with causing panic and disorder.

It is unknown at this time if the teenager aboard the United Flight will face charges for his prank.