Until the Border Convoy Arrived, Eagle Pass Local Said She Never Felt Unsafe

(PatriotWise.com) — A group of right-wing protesters last week began a convoy to travel to the US-Mexico border, ostensibly to show support for Texas in its ongoing fight with the Biden administration over securing the border, CBS News reported.

The so-called “Take Our Border Back” convoy began its journey in Virginia Beach earlier last week, starting with just a few dozen vehicles. As it departed Dripping Springs, Texas, last Thursday, the convoy had grown to more than 200 vehicles.

Before leaving Dripping Springs for the town of Quemado, not far from Eagle Pass, the convoy held a rally featuring various speakers, including rocker Ted Nugent, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, former CBS reporter Lara Logan, and several local elected officials.

When the convoy arrived at its destination in Quemado, Border Patrol officers moved the illegals housed in a large holding facility in Eagle Pass as a safety measure, an official from Customs and Border Protection told CBS News.

The Houston Chronicle reported on Saturday that not all area residents were happy about the convoy, which dubbed itself “God’s Army.”

Business owner Jessie Fuentes told the Chronicle that the convoy was coming to the area to spread “hate.” He said residents of Eagle Pass should be “listened to” and “respected” rather than used as part of a national debate.

Community activist Jose Corpus told the Chronicle that the convoy participants should stay out of the way and let the government deal with the situation. He said the locals “don’t need them here.”

Counter-protesters, angry about the arrival of the far-right convoy, held a demonstration in Quemado. In a video clip posted on X, one of the counter-protesters said she always felt safe in the community, which she described as a safe place to raise children. She said that the convoy’s presence in town made her feel unsafe for the first time.

According to the Houston Chronicle, while most of the cars in the convoy had Texas plates, it also included vehicles from Alaska, California, Pennsylvania, and even Canada.

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