Vladimir Putin “Coup” Expected If He Can’t Convince Officials To Use Nukes

(PatriotWise.com)- According to Bellingcat’s leading Russia investigator Christo Grozev, if one of Putin’s top aides ever violated an order to launch a nuclear strike, the Russian president would face a coup.

Bellingcat is a Netherlands-based investigative journalism group.

According to the group, the revolution would occur if only one of the “five hands” required for a Russian nuclear launch opposed Putin.

“Because everything will fall very rapidly following the refusal to obey the king’s decree,” Grozev stated.

According to Grozev, there are claims that those in Putin’s inner circle are pressuring him to intensify the invasion of Ukraine by massing troops or even launching a nuclear strike.

However, before allowing such a launch, Russian President Vladimir Putin must be “certain that everyone along the chain would carry out this command.”

If one individual in the line of command refuses to obey, it will be a “signal of insubordination” that might result in Putin’s “death.”

“So he will not give this order until he is satisfied that everyone will obey,” Grozev said.
Probably, top authorities won’t carry out such a demand since they feel Putin is swiftly losing influence and won’t be able to stay in power for another three months.

According to Reuters, the Russian president, who usually carries a little briefcase (or “Cheget”) at his side that connects him to the country’s nuclear weapons, would have to choose to launch a nuclear strike.

The suitcase does not have a launch button but rather communicates the order to Russia’s central military leadership.
Even if Putin opted to launch such a strike, at least two more high-ranking officials would be required to carry out his orders.

According to many intelligence sources, Russia’s defense minister and head of the general staff — presently held by Sergei Shoigu and Valery Gerasimov, respectively — must also sanction the launch with their codes and “Cheget” briefcases.

According to the Arms Control Association, Russia claims to have 6,257 nuclear weapons on hand, compared to the US’s estimated 5,500.

Last week, Ukraine’s military intelligence head said that a coup is underway against Putin and that the Russian leader is suffering from cancer. Western intelligence services have not officially corroborated the assertions.