Washington Post Finally Admits They Lied About Tom Cotton

(PatriotWise.com)- The Washington Post recently rescinded its inaccurate claim that comments made by Republican Senator Tom Cotton about Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were wrong.

The Post, which issued a “Pinocchio” rating to Cotton’s comments as part of their wildly unreliable “fact-checking” efforts, took issue with Cotton’s claim that the Boston Bomber terrorist received a stimulus check for COVID-19.

It turns out that he absolutely did.

The outlet first reported that Cotton’s claim was one of a number of “hyped-up” comments about who received the stimulus checks during the middle of the pandemic, before claiming that murders and illegal aliens were not benefitting from the scheme designed to ensure Americans could pay their bills and buy food during lockdown.

Incredibly, the outlet had the temerity to claim that Cotton’s comments – and similar claims made by other Republicans – were all a part of a political campaign and “hype” and that there is “less to these claims than one might imagine.”

Last week, CNN revealed how the United States Attorney’s office demanded that Tsarnaev turn over his funds, including the original $1,400 stimulus check he received from the federal government. Glenn Kessler, the chief “fact-checker” at the Washington Post was forced to admit this and walk back his original claim.

On January 6, 2022, Senator Cotton said on Twitter that he was looking forward to the Washington Post updating their fact check after it was revealed that the Bomber did receive the check.

“Remember – every Democratic Senator voted against my amendment that would have stopped prisoners from getting checks,” he wrote.

Why would prisoners need checks if they’re already being housed and fed? And why would Democrats want to give checks to prisoners and terrorists?

It’s unfathomable.

Also, did you notice how Kessler didn’t even apologize to Senator Cotton for telling the truth?