WATCH: Fox News AMBUSHES Kari Lake On National TV!

Fox News Ambushes Kari Lake On National TV

( – The FOX News hack, John Roberts, spoke to Kari Lake after her speech the night before the election. He lectured her the following morning.

Even though Kari Lake previously worked as a news anchor, Roberts lectured her, reminding her about the so-called free press in the United States. Roberts omitted the section where he discussed how today’s government chooses whose voices will be amplified, but he did mention how the government decides which voices will be heard.

John Roberts is a shining example of the new FOX News, a news institution that leans to the left of the center.

On Election Day, the sharp criticism Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake made against the press was called into doubt by John Roberts, an anchor for Fox News.

During a press conference on Tuesday, a journalist questioned Lake if she would serve a full term if elected amid rumors that she had more ambitious political goals in 2024. In response, Lake lashed out at the media in general.

Lake said, “I’m going to be your worst fricking nightmare for eight years, and we will also reform the media.”

“Get ready to wear your journalist hats once more because we are about to turn you into reporters. I can’t wait to start working with you.”

Lake’s criticism of the media was met with opposition from Roberts, who served as a White House reporter for Fox News during former President Trump’s tenure in office.
Roberts stated while appearing on the show America Reports, “I’m not quite sure what she was getting there because the rich history of a free press in this country is something we have embraced for many, many hundreds of years.” Roberts said.

“Therefore, I am not entirely clear how a politician should go about attempting to change the media,” he said.

The press is not entirely free. The Biden administration set up a “ministry of truth,” whereby his appointed Czar would decide what information is and what is disinformation.

That doesn’t sound too free. Roberts saw a politician attempting to change the media and disregarded it.

Should we trust Roberts?

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