Trump Gets DISORIENTED – “I’m Getting Seasick!”

Trump Gets “Sea Sick” After Teleprompters Go Haywire

( – During a campaign rally in Iowa, former president Donald Trump griped about the stability of his teleprompters while his followers were busy criticizing President Joe Biden’s use of the technology online.

In Sioux City on Thursday night, Trump complained about the “waving” teleprompters while giving a speech amid a storm. Off-script, the former president told the gathering at the rally that the movement of the gadgets was making him “seasick.”

He asked if people thought it was easy to be up there in the wind. He said I have these idiotic teleprompters that are waving around.

Trump continued by admitting that he occasionally chooses to give it up and talk without a teleprompter before saying that “doesn’t work well for Biden” when he does the same.

On social media, Trump backers criticized Biden for using teleprompters, with some implying that the former president did not use them while appearing on camera.

The president’s use of teleprompters during his speech on political violence and threats to democracy on Wednesday night drew criticism from conservatives.

Ted Cruz of Texas, a member of the GOP, tweeted on Wednesday, “It’s truly sad that Joe Biden couldn’t get through his teleprompter address tonight without getting the day of the election wrong.”

While ignoring that the former president likewise routinely utilizes teleprompters, Trump and his allies have frequently lambasted Biden for using them. Trump charged Biden with using teleprompters to respond to questions at press conferences in a September 2021 interview with Greg Gutfeld on Fox News, calling it “awful for our democracy.”

Trump attacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign for utilizing teleprompters, and he advocated for “outlawing” their use in elections.”

“They aren’t my style,” “Trump said. “Others employ teleprompters. Perhaps using a teleprompter while running should be prohibited because you “find out what you’re getting.”

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