White House Cancels Halloween Event

(PatriotWise.com)- In a tradition that began during the Nixon years, every Halloween presidents and their first ladies have welcomed children to the South Lawn for trick-or-treating. The White House gets decorated with a different spooky theme and the First Couple hands out candy to the costumed kiddies. But not this year.

Due to the scheduling of President Biden’s visit to Rome for both an audience with Pope Francis and the G-20 summit, as well as the subsequent trip to Glasgow, Scotland for the UN Climate Summit, the White House canceled the annual Halloween tradition.

Though, given Joe Biden’s penchant for inappropriately sniffing little children, perhaps the cancelation of the traditional White House Halloween party is a blessing in disguise.

As a consolation for the disappointed children, the First Family has seen to it that the White House be lit in orange to mark the occasion.


In a statement announcing the cancelation of the event, Michael LaRosa, press secretary for First Lady Jill, included the typical COVID hectoring the Bidens are famous for. The First Family told parents and children to celebrate their Halloween at outdoor venues and events rather than indoors as a way to keep themselves safe from COVID.

The Bidens left for Rome on Thursday and will be traveling to Scotland for the Climate Summit which begins on Monday.

During his Rome visit, President Biden had an unusually lengthy visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican. And unlike previous presidential visits, this one was held off-camera away from public scrutiny.

Reports say that the White House was concerned that the Pope might lecture the “devout Catholic” Joe over his support of abortion, so they didn’t want the meeting filmed live. Instead, the Vatican plans to release an edited video of their meeting to credentialed reporters after the fact.

On Saturday, a rumor began to spread that the reason Biden’s visit to the Vatican was longer-than-usual was old Joe suffered from a “bathroom accident.” Naturally, social media erupted with claims that the 78-year-old President messed his pants, and the hashtag #PoopyPantsBiden began trending on Twitter.

Well, that certainly would give a whole new meaning to “Trick or treat.”