White House Claims Only Vaccines People Will Get More “Privileges”

(PatriotWise.com)- President Joe Biden’s White House might well insist that they won’t push vaccine passports, but his COVID coordinator Jeffrey Zients just gave the game away during an interview on CNN.

It turns out that’s precisely what the White House is planning.

“I think everyone is tired and wearing a mask can be a pain but we’re getting there,” Zientz told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

He added that the “CDC guidance across time will allow vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask.”

That means that those who aren’t vaccinated won’t be able to enjoy the same “privileges” as everybody else.

Isn’t this precisely the kind of thing that the civil rights movement fought and beat?

In March, reports revealed how President Joe Biden’s administration and various departments of government were working on developing a vaccine passport system, but in April, further reports following an announcement by the president revealed that the White House had “ruled out” the so-called passports.

Since then, we’ve heard conflicting messages over plans – and while nothing is concrete yet, this interview with Zientz probably tells us all we need to know.

One system reportedly being considered comes from “Immunaband” – a company that developed a blue silicone wristband that can be worn and which contains information about a person’s vaccination history.

The band contains a QR code that can be read by business owners who wish to decide who should be allowed to enter their store or access their services.

COVID-19 is becoming a dystopian nightmare under President Joe Biden.