White House Confirmed To Be Withholding Intel Exposing Eric Swalwell’s Relationship With Chinese Spy

(PatriotWise.com)- Breitbart News has confirmed that the US Intelligence Community is currently in possession of a classified report on the relationship between Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Chinese spy Fang Fang. The report allegedly contains lurid and intricate details of the nature of their relationship – including what sexual acts they engaged in together.

Further details on the report are not available as it currently remains classified.

Axios first broke the story in December 2020 that Fang Fang, working with Chinese intelligence, had been targeting up-and-coming Bay Area politicians – including Eric Swalwell.

Fang joined fundraising efforts for Swalwell’s 2014 reelection campaign and even placed an intern within Swalwell’s office. Fang interacted with Swalwell and was photographed with him at multiple events over a number of years.

Despite the stunning news, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff decided not to remove the clearly-compromised Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee.

The Axios report did not overtly say that Swalwell and his Chinese spy enjoyed a sexual relationship. Meanwhile Swalwell has repeatedly refused to discuss his relationship with Fang – opting instead to say he hasn’t seen her in years and has already providing information to the FBI.

But Breitbart has confirmed through multiple intelligence and national security sources that the classified report on their relationship does include details of a sexual nature. One source told Breitbart that, for those who have seen the details of the case, Pelosi and Schiff’s decision to keep Swalwell on the Intelligence Committee was shocking.

While any government official with original classification authority could order the declassification of the report and make it public, the likelihood that will happen with a Democrat administration is slim.

A second source told Breitbart News the evidence within this report is “damning,” adding that the report should be declassified. The source told Breitbart that doing so would not expose sources and methods – a common argument used to prevent declassification. Instead, this source believes the only reason it remains classified is to spare Swalwell any embarrassment from what the report reveals.

Breitbart was unable to get a comment from Swalwell’s office on the details of their report. Nor has his office said whether or not the Congressman would support its declassification in the interests of transparency.