White House Cuts Deportations By Whopping Amount Compared To Trump

(PatriotWise.com) – The Biden administration deported 71% fewer criminal illegal aliens than the Trump administration.

In 51 jurisdictions, “acute declines” were observed, according to a recent study, with criminal removals falling by more than 90%.

Despite record levels of illegal immigration, the Biden administration deported 71% fewer locally arrested criminal aliens over its first nine months than were deported during a comparable period in 2019 under Donald Trump, according to a new study of state and local statistics.

In the meantime, the Center for Immigration Studies discovered in an analysis released last week that the overall number of removals decreased from 186,000 in the fiscal year 2020 to 59,000 the following fiscal year.

Additionally, there was a 25% drop in the number of convicted felons deported, from 36,000 in the fiscal year 2020 to 27,000 in the fiscal year 2021.

The study found that criminal removals had decreased by more than 90% in 51 jurisdictions, which had “experienced acute declines.”

The group used Howard County, Texas, which precisely matched the decline in the deportation rate at the national level of 71%, to illustrate in detail the effects of the Biden administration’s policies on public safety.

The Center for Immigration Studies stated that Howard County likely is experiencing some level of repeated crime from those criminal aliens who continue to offend and victimize community members after ICE declined to take action to remove them.

Republicans, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, are calling for Alejandro Mayorkas to step down as secretary of homeland security due to how he handled the border crisis. The previous fiscal year saw a record-breaking 2.4 million migrants encountered by Customs and Border Protection agents.
The White House spokesperson/Czar on the border issue is reportedly Vice President Kamala Harris, but she hasn’t hosted an immigration event in over a year.
The problem is at the top of the list of national crises, but it’s clear that no one in the White House wants to address the escalating catastrophe.

After all, the real Biden strategy in this situation is to “let ’em in,” and who wants to take responsibility for the unavoidable outcomes?

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