White House Forced To Respond To Obama Allegations

(PatriotWise.com)- Despite the glut of Obama alumni populating the Biden Administration, at Friday’s press briefing, WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki seemed surprised that anyone would claim Biden’s Presidency is effectively Obama’s third term.

The only thing lacking from Psaki’s response is a direct answer to the question. Then again, Jen Psaki learned how not to answer questions back when she was Press Secretary for the Obama State Department.

Clearly from the sheer number of Obama people now working for Biden, it seems obvious the answer is yes, the Biden White House got the old gang back together for a reboot of the Obama years.

ABC News reported back in March that many former Obama Administration officials have returned to the White House. And from their financial disclosures, it is clear that they used their time in the Obama White House to amass staggering wealth before returning to work for Biden.

Of course they did.

But it isn’t just the vast number of Obama alumni that calls into question just how central former President Obama is to the Biden agenda.

At a press briefing on March 22, Psaki confirmed that Biden speaks regularly with his former boss. Though, no transcripts of these phone calls have been publicly released.

“They were not just the president and vice president. They are friends,” Psaki explained – adding “I would expect that continues through the course of President Biden’s presidency.”

Asked by a reporter if Obama would be getting actively involved in any Biden Administration activities, Psaki, citing Biden’s desire to reboot Obamacare said, “I expect … It’s an issue they’ll talk about given former President Obama’s work on the Affordable Care Act.”

It does seem peculiar that Psaki would feign confusion about the appearance that Obama is directly involved in the Biden Administration given her own acknowledgment of his involvement at this March press briefing.

Whether or not Obama is directly involved in crafting the Biden agenda may not matter. During the 2013 IRS Tea Party Scandal, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that those who work for Obama didn’t need his direct orders to carry out the agenda he wanted. They were chosen specifically because they knew exactly what Obama wanted done, and they did it without being told.

If Rush’s 2013 observation is right (and he usually was right), no doubt the army of former Obama people currently populating the Biden Administration probably don’t need to be told either.