White House May Pause Loan Repayment

(PatriotWise.com)- We finally have the answer to the question “Who runs the executive branch?” And it isn’t Joe Biden; it’s the progressive loudmouths of the Squad.

After the Squad spent weeks screeching over the impending end of the COVID-related moratorium on student loan payments scheduled to expire on January 31, 2022, President Biden caved on Wednesday and announced a 90-day extension of the pause.

In announcing the extension that will now expire on May 1, the White House cited the surge in COVID cases fueled by the far-milder Omicron variant.

Naturally, the same Democrats who demanded that this moratorium not end still aren’t happy. See, they don’t want federally-backed student loan payments to be paused. They want them to be “canceled” completely.

Suspending student loan payments was one of the dumber things President Trump did in response to the COVID pandemic. How dumb? Well, consider the fact that President Biden rescinded virtually every order Donald Trump implemented while in office. But this order Joe Biden extended, not once, but twice since taking office.

When Trump ordered the student loan payment moratorium in March 2020, the unemployment rate was through the roof. Tens of millions of jobs were lost due to COVID-related lockdowns.

But today there are no COVID-related lockdowns. Instead, there is a workers’ shortage. There are plenty of jobs available, and no reason to extend the moratorium on paying back student loans.

This wasn’t done because of COVID; it was done because the far Leftwing of the Democrat Party demanded it. And phony moderate Joe Biden does whatever these whining, screeching children demand.

In the statement announcing the extension, President Biden (or whoever speaks for President Biden) encouraged those with student loans to take the time to prepare for payments to resume. Because apparently, the 20 months they already had to prepare wasn’t enough. He encouraged them to look into lowering their monthly payments by applying for income-based repayment plans – something that has been in existence for years.

He also encouraged them to get vaccinated and boosted, because everybody knows the unvaccinated aren’t paying back the money they borrowed … or something.