White House Sends Letter Containing Nominees To Senate

(PatriotWise.com)- On November 15, the White House published a letter outlining how several nominations have been sent to the senate. The statement revealed who the president expects to be appointed to federal positions in the coming weeks and months.

Among those nominated are Amanda Bennett, who is set to become the Chief Executive Officer of the United States Agency for Global Media.

Brandon B. Brown was also nominated to be the next United States Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana for four years, and Ryan K. Buchana was chosen to be the next United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia for a term of four years.

The letter contains a multitude of other nominations, too – and it contains no other remarks. Nothing about what the president expects them to do, and nothing in the way of an endorsement. It is simply a straight list of everyone who has been nominated, to which office they have been nominated, and for how long they expect to be in these positions.

Some 19 people were referenced in the letter, but before they can take up their positions they will first need to be confirmed by the Senate – and Republicans will no doubt be giving them a grilling.

You can read the full letter from the White House here – and you can decide for yourself how confident they sound in their latest picks…