White House Spokesperson Mocks CNN Reporter’s “Dictator” Question

(PatriotWise.com) — Last Friday, CNN reported that Beijing gave a démarche (an official diplomatic reprimand) to US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns over President Biden referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping as a dictator.

While speaking at a campaign fundraiser in California last Tuesday, Biden claimed that President Xi got upset about the US shooting down the spy balloon in February because “he didn’t know it was there.” He added that this would be a “great embarrassment for dictators.”

The president’s offhand remark sparked outrage in Beijing, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning saying the comment was “extremely absurd and irresponsible.” Calling the remark “political provocation,” Mao accused the president of “violating diplomatic protocol” and “infringing on China’s political dignity.”

During his joint press conference with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last Thursday, President Biden downplayed his comment, saying he didn’t believe it would have any “consequence” on relations between the US and China.

At the White House press briefing on Friday, CNN White House correspondent Jeremy Diamond asked National Security Council spokesman John Kirby if Burns receiving a démarche could be considered such a “consequence,” Mediaite reported.

Kirby dismissively said if receiving a démarche is a “bellwether” indicating that relations between two countries were collapsing “or in any danger,” prompting Diamond to interrupt by arguing that he “didn’t say collapsing;” he said “consequence.”

Rather than take the question seriously, Kirby condescended by repeatedly saying “My goodness.” He added that démarches happen all the time and he wouldn’t “get into the specifics” of the one given to Burns.

Kirby added that President Biden believes the relationship between the US and China “matters” and is “absolutely confident” that we can “move it forward.”

When Diamond asked if there have been any other consequences from Biden’s “dictator” remark, Kirby said there has been nothing.

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