White House Thinking About Pardoning Criminals

(PatriotWise.com)- President Joe Biden is reportedly looking into ways of making life easier for drug users. That’s the news from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki who revealed last week that the White House is looking into ways of reducing federal prison sentences for people who are locked up for drug crimes.

Is he preparing new laws to benefit his son, or something?

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Psaki said that they are “working very hard” to reform the justice system to “strengthen families” and “give people a chance at a better future.” It appears to be an effort to help Joe Biden portray himself as a president who implements sweeping changes that benefitted civil liberty – but in reality, it’s a step too far and a foolish attempt at one-upping former President Donald Trump’s historic justice system reforms.

Psaki claimed that Biden is “deeply committed” to reducing the incarceration of people on drug charges, but didn’t outline any plans by the government to stop people from illegally dealing and distributing drugs in the first place.

The White House knows that legalizing crime doesn’t get rid of the damaging effects of crime, right?

Psaki said that Biden believes too many “black and brown” people are incarcerated, in what appeared to be an effort to suggest that there is some kind of inherent, systemic racism in the United States that locks non-white people up more often than white people. However, she didn’t acknowledge that the reason those “black and brown” people are in prison is not because of their race but because of the crimes they committed.

Psaki added that Biden is looking at different ways to “provide relief” to nonviolent drug offenders, and that he’s even willing to use his own clemency power.

Let’s be honest here…it looks like Joe Biden is preparing to pardon huge numbers of people.

Anything to sound like he’s doing something historic.

That’s right, Joe. Go ahead and unleash thousands of drug dealers back into our communities…