White House Tries To Spin Supply Chain Issues As A Good Thing!

(PatriotWise.com)- During an interview on PBS NewsHour Tuesday, National Economic Council President Brian Deese tried to put a happy spin on the current supply chain crisis.

Deese argued that many of the issues surrounding the supply chain bottlenecks reflect an economic upswing. He claimed that it is proof that “we are moving more products” through the economy than in any other time in history.

Deese said that the hundreds of ships and thousands of containers stuck outside of ports are evidence that “Americans are out there and able to buy goods again.”

How can they be buying goods when the goods are all waiting aboard ships that can’t get unloaded?

These people have a lot of nerve.

Deese also argued that 5.6 million jobs have been “created.” But that isn’t true. No jobs have been created. We still haven’t recovered all of the jobs lost when states shut down their economies and sent workers packing. The US is still over 4 million jobs short of where we were before February 2020.

He assured PBS that the Biden administration is working through the challenges and they have been on it “every day in the short term.” He then echoed the administration’s talking points that they are focusing on both short-term and long-term changes.

Dease then tried to pass off the blame for the supply chain crisis on the lack of money for infrastructure. He said until the country has “more resilient ports” and “more resilient roads and bridges” the supply chain problem can’t be tackled.

But that doesn’t pass the smell test. None of the supply chain issues we’re experiencing right now have happened before. If Dease were right, wouldn’t this lack of resilient ports, roads, and bridges mean these supply chain problems would’ve been happening all the time?

This administration really thinks the American people are either stupid or suffer from memory problems.

Watch the segment HERE.