Woman Claims She Never Lived With Hunter Biden Like He Claimed

(PatriotWise.com)- By now you’ve probably already guessed that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is not being entirely truthful about his experience with drugs and his recovery – and a homeless crack addict just revealed that to be the case.

A shocking report from The Daily Mail reveals that a homeless addict that Hunter Biden claimed to have befriended and invited to stay in his home has called his story “bullsh*t.” In his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” Biden devoted an entire chapter to a woman that he claims to have “loved” like any other friend in his life, and who he claims to have invited to live in his apartment. The woman, he said, was still an addict and had two sons in prison – one on death row, and another serving a life sentence.

The Daily Mail spoke to the woman he wrote about, who is 52-years-old and resides in Washington, D.C., who revealed that she never lived with Hunter Biden. Instead, she said that he hired her to be his cleaner and that the story about her criminal sons is pure fabrication.

Why on earth would Hunter Biden make something like that up? To make himself sound compassionate?

The Mail revealed that the woman was almost fired when the book first came out and that her name is “Rhea.” She asked the outlet to keep her full identity anonymous and revealed that she feels as though she has been exploited by a man who is “concocting” a “colorful” narrative for the sake of selling a book.

Journalists presented Rhea with excerpts of the book, which including details about her life on the street and where she was brought up.

“See, this is some bullsh*t,” she said, adding that whenever she cleaned his home, he was never there.

Rhea also said that Hunter doesn’t know anything about her family, and that he was making her out to be a “villain.”

You can read the full, damning report here.

What is it with the Biden family and constantly telling lies?