Woman Steps Forward Against Biden After Afghanistan Crisis He Caused

(PatriotWise.com)- The ramifications of President Joe Biden’s horrific handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has been laid out for all to see. Not only did America lose 13 Marines in suicide bombings outside of Kabul’s international airport on Thursday, but the people of Afghanistan have witnessed themselves what happens when the Taliban is effectively gifted tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment.

After Biden abandoned the military equipment, firearms, and ammo in the country, militants assumed control of it and took control of Afghanistan.

And one Afghan woman, who previously worked as a journalist under the last Afghan government, has told Fox News how she has now been forced to change her location every single day to avoid being hunted down and killed by the Taliban.

Speaking to Fox, the journalist said that she does not know what will happen to her, as the Taliban will certainly kill her if she was found. Her identity, obviously, was hidden during the interview.

You can watch the tragic interview here.

The woman, who is only 24 years old, said that she is a target because of her previous work that was critical of the Taliban. She explained how she was one of the few women to “always talk against Taliban in the media” over the way that they treated women and innocent people. She described how the Taliban killed and burned their critics in other parts of the country.

She then explained how the Taliban is “always checking for the people who always talked against them” and that as a result, she is moving between friends’ houses – but fears that one day, a friend may turn her over to the Taliban to protect themselves. She said that her friends are scared of what might happen to them if the Taliban discover they are harboring her.

What has President Joe Biden done?