Woman Who Almost Destroyed Career With Severed Trump Head Has Cancer

(PatriotWise.com)- Kathy Griffin, the far-left so-called “comedian” who destroyed her career when she posed on camera with a bloodied Donald Trump head – a move that traumatized former President Trump’s young son, Barron Trump – has announced that she has lung cancer. In the announcement, she also revealed how she struggled with addiction to prescription drugs, had suicidal thoughts, and has never smoked a day in her life – despite developing lung cancer.

Griffin said that she was placed into psychiatric care after attempting suicide, and her addiction to drugs came after the backlash to her bloodied Trump head.

For someone who experienced being canceled – for something pretty serious – you’d think Griffin would have more compassion for Republicans who have been brutally attacked and smeared for simply being conservatives.

Speaking to ABC News, Griffin said that she is set to undergo an operation to remove a section of her left lung. Her cancer is stage one, meaning she is likely to recover. She also revealed that she does not expect to need chemotherapy to tackle the tumor.

In the interview, she said that the irony is not lost on her that she wanted to die last year, and now all she wants to do is live.

She claimed that her suicide attempt took place in June last year, describing how she “fell in love” with pills.

You can watch the interview here.

Griffin revealed the news on Instagram first, telling her followers that the doctors are optimistic that it is contained in just one lung, and that she should soon have normal breathing function. She also said that she expects to be “up and running around as usual” in less than a month.