World Leader Spotted In Leaked Footage Dancing Provocatively

Last week, a video went viral on Twitter showing Finland’s Prime Minister partying and dancing, prompting outrage from her political opponents, some of whom demanded she be required to take a drug test. 

The 36-year-old Prime Minister Sanna Marin said last Thursday that she had nothing to hide and that nothing she was doing in that video was illegal. She said she “danced, sang, and partied,” and nothing illegal happened. Marin said she didn’t take any illegal drugs and only consumed alcohol.  

Marin said the viral videos were from a party she attended that began in two apartments and ended up in two bars. She said they were private videos “not intended for the public” and said she wouldn’t stop spending time with her friends. 

Marin told reporters that, like everybody else her age, she has a family life, a work life, and “free time to spend with my friends.” She said she would continue being “the same person as I have been until now.” 

Recently, the US Senate approved the proposal allowing Finland to join NATO, so you can understand why Finland’s Prime Minister doesn’t feel the need to start acting like a world leader. 

Why should she when the United States will be primarily paying for the cost to defend her country? 

She can outsource Finland’s security to the old dude who falls off his bike while she parties to her heart’s content.