Would-Be Thieves Choose the Wrong Farmer to Plunder

(PatriotWise.com) — A Washington farmer is expressing his gratitude for the Second Amendment after he successfully detained two would-be burglars at gunpoint until deputies arrived, the Washington Examiner reported.

On the evening of September 9, farmer Sam Krautscheid and his sons were driving to the Gorge Amphitheater in Grant County, Washington, to see country music star Eric Church when they spotted a small vehicle parked outside a closed farm store.

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Krautscheid said he decided the vehicle looked suspicious, so he stopped to check it out.

He said he discovered what he believed were stolen items in the back seat, so he returned to his vehicle to retrieve his firearm and called authorities to alert them to a possible burglary. As he approached the corner of the building, Krautscheid said he saw someone coming toward him with a “billy club” while a second man approached.

Krautscheid raised his weapon and ordered the men to the ground. While one immediately complied, the second argued that they were only there because they intended to rent the building. Eventually, the second man complied as well.

Meanwhile, his sons watched the scene unfold from the family’s pickup truck. One of Krautscheid’s sons texted his mother and boasted to his friends that his father was holding two suspects at gunpoint.

Grant County deputies arrived within six minutes of the call, and the two men were taken into custody. An investigation found that the men, Glenn Richard, 45, of Quincy, Washington, and Jesus Range, 28, of Mattawa, were at the property for criminal reasons based on the shoe prints found in the building.

Krautscheid told Fox that he was fortunate because he had taken self-defense classes and was armed. At the same time, he was also lucky that there was nobody else in the building behind him as he detained the two suspects.

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