Xi Jinping Responds Amid Humiliating Rumors Regarding China

(PatriotWise.com)- Things aren’t looking good for the communist leader of China, Xi Jinping. The Chinese President reportedly recently forced all high-ranking officials in the Chinese Communist Party to re-take their pledge of allegiance to the party, in an effort to root out defectors.

Rumors are circulating in Chinese and other global news media outlets that a high-ranking Chinese security official, Dong Jingwei, defected from the Chinese Communist Party and entered the United States with his daughter. Reports suggest that other high-ranking officials may share the same goal as Dong, and President Xi is looking to embarrass anybody who appears to be willing to follow suit.

Every member of the Politburo, all 25 of them, were made to retake their oath to the Chinese Communist Party at the History’s Exhibition Hall in the capital city of Beijing on June 18.

It required the top policymakers in China to recite a pledge that said they will, at all times, sacrifice themselves for the party and never betray the party.

Sacrificing themselves for their party? That sounds a lot like the modern Democrats. They put their own party’s interests before their genuine opinions and the concerns of regular Americans…

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, China’s watchdog that oversees whether government officials are loyal to the Communist Party, asked all members of the CCP on June 19 to fight against other members who they believe may have betrayed the party.

This is the kind of group punishment and indoctrination that has kept the populations of all previous communist nations in line.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party is sticking to the line that Dong never left China and reached the United States. Beijing claims that Chinese intelligence officials believe that Dong chaired a counterintelligence seminar on June 18.

However, it wasn’t clear whether that seminar was conducted in person or online…then again, if it was conducted online and Dong was in the United States, he probably hasn’t really defected.