Yellen Says 14th Amendment Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Key Situation

( Controversial Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last week that the United States should never be in a position whereby the revocation of the 14th Amendment is necessary to increase the debt limit. It comes after Congress battled for weeks on end over the issue of raising the debt limit to pay interest on the country’s out-of-control and increasing national debt.

Yellen said that the White House being forced to interfere on matters of debt would be a “disastrous situation,” but didn’t say much about President Joe Biden’s horrifying plans to work with Congressional Democrats to pass an unprecedented $3.5 trillion budget that would likely plunge the nation into even more debt.

While Congress eventually agreed to temporarily raise the debt ceiling, President Joe Biden was reportedly considering using the 14th Amendment to stop the fighting over the issue. Section 4 of the 14th Amendment says that the public debt of the United States shouldn’t be questioned.

“As we’ve seen in the past, even delaying action can cause serious harm to businesses and consumer confidence, raise borrowing costs, disrupt financial markets, and cause a downgrade of the U.S. credit rating. There is no valid reason to permit such an outcome,” Yellen said on Twitter.

She urged members of both parties to “come together immediately” to protect small businesses and families from the consequences of defaulting on national debt.

No word, however, on the damage caused by the COVID-19 lockdowns that the Democratic Party overwhelmingly supported.