Zelensky Publicly Thanks His Informants On The Ground

In a video address last Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky offered his thanks to the informants within Russian-occupied Crimea while announcing his ongoing discussions with Ukraine’s military leaders regarding the fight to retake Russian-occupied regions in the south. 

Zelensky announced that he had met with military leaders to discuss the “situation on the frontline” and thanked the Ukrainians who offered support for the ongoing counteroffensive in the south. While Zelensky did not reveal the details of the discussions, he expressed his thanks to those in Crimea who had provided information to Ukraine’s military intelligence.  

He said intel officers were grateful for the information these Ukrainians have provided and would be using it “to the maximum.”  

Zelensky told the Russians occupying Crimea not to forget whose peninsula they are “temporarily” staying on.  

Crimea, situated to the south of Ukraine in the Black Sea, was annexed by Russia in 2014. President Zelensky has vowed that the current conflict will only end when Russian forces are pushed back to pre-2014 borders and Crimea is returned to Ukrainian control.  

Last Tuesday, Zelensky suggested that the southern counteroffensive to retake Russian-occupied Kherson would eventually reach Crimea leaving the Russian army with no “safe base.”  

Zelensky also outlined plans to destroy Russian military facilities in Crimea, including in the region’s largest port city of Sevastopol. He vowed that Ukraine’s “defenders” would destroy all warehouses, headquarters, and Russian equipment “wherever they are located.” 

“This is Ukrainian land,” Zelensky said, adding that Russian forces have only two options, to surrender or flee. 

He urged Ukrainians in Crimea to avoid Russian military bases and structures while encouraging them to continue providing information on Russian military activities in Crimea to the Ukrainian military “so that the liberation of Crimea can happen faster.”