Jerone Davison Aspires To Be the House Freedom Caucus’ First Black Member

( — A pro-Trump pastor running to be the Republican candidate in Arizona’s Fourth District wants to be the first black member of the House Freedom Caucus.

In an interview with the pro-Trump blog Big League Politics, Jerone Davison, a former NFL player who is campaigning as the most conservative candidate in the AZ-04 Republican primary, signaled his intention to become the first black member of the House Freedom Caucus if he is nominated and defeats incumbent Democrat Rep. Greg Stanton.

Davison said voters in AZ-04 wanted a congressman who supports “open, accountable,” and “limited government,” and suggested that he would want to join the House Freedom Caucus because the members are “fighting for the same thing.”

A Q-Anon supporter who regularly boasts of being in Washington during the January 6 riot, Davison previously ran for AZ-04 in the 2022 Republican primary but lost to Republican Kelly Cooper. Cooper went on to lose to Democrat Rep. Greg Stanton in the November midterms.

During the 2022 primary, Davison caused a stir after he released a video saying he needed an AR-15 to defend his family from “Democrats in Klan hoods.”

Cooper is also running in the Republican primary in 2024, along with Dr. Zudhi Jasser and perennial candidate Dave Giles, who has run for Congress every two years since 2016.

In last month’s District 04 debate, the candidates sparred over which of them was most loyal to Donald Trump.

Cooper reminded viewers that he was endorsed by Trump in 2022 when he first ran against Stanton, prompting Davison to mutter in disgust.

Cooper and Davison both criticized Jasser, disputing his claim of loyalty to Trump.

Cooper noted that Jasser stepped down as a 2016 delegate over his opposition to Donald Trump’s nomination. He reminded viewers that Jasser penned op-eds blasting Trump for being “unfit to be president.”

Jasser attacked Cooper for recently switching his party affiliation from the Green Party to the Republican Party.

Davison, whose campaign has struggled to raise money, told viewers that he had been a “Trumper from the beginning” and reminded them that he was at the January 6 riot. He argued that voters needed a “proven fighter” who would not stab them in the back after going to Washington.

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