Democrats Try To Ban Ron DeSantis’ Book

( – Democrats in Florida are planning to use the state’s laws on books to censor the new release by Ron DeSantis. The Courage To Be Free was published by the Governor earlier this year and he has been undertaking a national tour to promote it. Fentrice Driskell, the Minority Leader in the Florida House of Representatives, is now leading a campaign to subject the book to review under the laws enacted by the DeSantis administration. “The very trap that he set for others is the one that he set for himself,” Driskell said. 

DeSantis was among the first leaders in the United States to object to some of the teachings in his state’s schools. He gained much support when he said that young children should not be learning extreme and radical notions about gender, nor should they be taught the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT maintains that America is a racist country and that all black people are oppressed. It has been found to be present in all kinds of subjects, including math. School textbooks underwent a broad review and of 132 math books put to the test, 41% were rejected as they contained references to CRT. 

Critics of the Governor’s book laws say they are vague and open to a variety of interpretations – the campaign to subject his own work to these interpretations may be a large part of the point Democrats are trying to make. Jen Cousins, cofounder of the Florida Freedom to Read project, said there has been much confusion in educational establishments throughout the state. “Every district is interpreting it all differently,” she said. The so-called Don’t Say Gay law, which prohibits the teaching of radical gender theories, states that teaching involving such matters cannot be taught “in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate.” There is no guidance however as to the meaning of age or developmentally appropriate or how this is to be determined. 

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