DOJ Quietly Hid Footage Of “Shaman” From Court, Lawyer Says

( — The attorney representing Jacob Chansley, the so-called “QAnon Shaman” who was jailed for four years for his role in the Capitol Hill riots of January 6th, 2021, has called on the Department of Justice to admit that they withheld evidence relevant to Mr. Chansley’s defense. Albert Watkins said that he had not seen the footage of Chansley walking through Congress buildings with police officers, clearly presenting no threat, until it was published by Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show recently. Watkins said the prosecuting attorneys had a legal duty to hand over all evidence related to his client but did not do so. He added that Chansley was held in solitary confinement and that he was “falling into an abyss mentally.”

“They didn’t share the video of my client with nine officers surrounding him, peacefully wandering about, trying to help him, trying to get him access to the Senate chamber, they didn’t, because it didn’t fit their narrative,” Watkins told Tucker Carlson in a shocking interview. He said the government knew his client wasn’t dangerous because it had access to the video footage, whereas he did not.

Carlson has also accused Congress of exaggerating what happened on the day – presumably to attack Donald Trump. The influential Fox host has said that the events of January 6th did not amount to a “deadly insurrection” and his footage, which he has sensationally released in recent weeks, proves that. He was provided with almost 42,000 hours of previously unseen recordings from inside the Capitol buildings by Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was widely condemned for the move. McCarthy said all footage will be released to the public in due course and that it is not unusual for a news network to gain an exclusive scoop from inside the halls of power. The mainstream media has already expressed doubt about Carlson’s honesty in his presentation of the footage and some on Capitol Hill have accused him of “distortion.”

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