Donald Trump Gets A New Nickname

( — Last week, Donald Trump took some time away from his criminal trial to rant about comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s recent stint as host of the Oscars, prompting Kimmel to describe him as “Ranta Claus,” Entertainment Weekly reported.

In a Truth Social post last Wednesday, Trump called Kimmel “stupid” and suggested that he suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump claimed that Kimmel hadn’t “recovered” from his poor performance as the host of the low-rated Academy Awards. Trump complained about Kimmel reading a Truth Social post during the show and said Kimmel “choked” when he announced the winner of Best Picture.

It was Al Pacino who announced the Best Picture Award.

Trump described Kimmel as a “FOOL” and said the late-night host would go “down in Television History” as the worst host of the Oscars.

In a monologue that night, Kimmel mocked Trump’s Truth Social rant, pointing out that he was the first former president to face a criminal trial and noting that after spending Monday and Tuesday in court, rather than spending his day off with family, “Ranta Claus got up bright and early” to attack him on Truth Social.

Kimmel also mocked Trump’s age, saying it wasn’t just that everything in the ranting Truth Social post was wrong, it was “maybe we should be worried about him” wrong. Later, he described the 77-year-old Trump as “Feeble Knievel.”

Kimmel then fact-checked the details in Trump’s post, noting that, unlike Trump’s claim about the bad ratings, the Oscar ratings were higher this year.

He also clarified that he was not the one to present the Best Picture Oscar, explaining that hosts do not present awards, presenters do. He added that he and Al Pacino “are different people,” and while he may wish he were Pacino, he isn’t.

Kimmel also mocked Trump for still being bothered by his joke about Truth Social. He pointed out that the Academy Awards show was “five weeks ago,” adding that even his parents didn’t care about it anymore.

Kimmel suggested that either “Feeble Knievel” didn’t know that he and Pacino were two different people or he didn’t even watch the Oscars.

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