Feds Have A Secret “Backdoor” To Twitter, Source Code Suggests

Feds Have A “BACKDOOR” To Top Social Platform!

(PatriotWise.com) — There is a “Government Requested” intervention option on Twitter, according to researcher Steven Tey. Elon Musk made the social media giant’s algorithm codes public and developer Tey began to examine it. On his own Twitter account, he said, “When needed, the government can intervene with the Twitter algorithm.” He said such a process even had a name – “Government Requested.” Mr. Tey provided great detail about his findings on his website and noted that during Presidential elections, the algorithms can both suppress and recommend related content.

The revelation comes as social media is under growing scrutiny for promoting political bias, particularly against conservatives. The issue made global headlines when Elon Musk revealed that the FBI had been colluding with Twitter to prevent the dissemination of stories that could have had a negative impact on Joe Biden’s campaign.

Pro-Democrat social media collusion forms part of the case against the government currently being pursued by Republicans in Congress. A panel, headed by Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), began its investigations in February with the intention of increasing scrutiny of the Biden administration. The panel purports that federal agencies, including the FBI, have been used by the Democrats to suppress the sharing of information among conservatives and to intimidate opponents into silence. One such example centers around Twitter files journalist Matt Taibbi. It was Taibbi that broke the story about the FBI trying to make the Hunter Biden laptop scandal disappear. When he was testifying to the weaponization committee in Washington, DC, his home was visited by IRS agents. The agents left a letter for Mr. Taibbi asking that he get in touch. When he did, he was told there was a problem with tax returns from 2018 and 2021, and that these involved potential identity theft. He was later reassured that his taxes were fine after all, but Republicans responded with fury and demanded an explanation. Jim Jordan wrote to the IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, as well as the Treasury, asking that all information on the matter be forwarded to him.

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