GOP Rep Thinks White House Should “Declassify” Information On Terrorist Risks

( — Republican Rep. Mike Turner, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, last Sunday blasted the Biden administration’s open borders policies in light of the recent arrests of eight asylum-seekers from Tajikistan over their alleged ties to ISIS and demanded that the administration declassify information about the terrorist threats the FBI is seeing.

In an appearance on CBS News’s “Face the Nation,” Turner and host Margaret Brennan discussed the arrests of the eight suspected terrorists in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

Turner said he could not “confirm or deny” the circumstances surrounding the arrests but told Brennan that in light of public statements made by FBI Director Christopher Wray, it was clear to him that the country was “at the highest level of a possible terrorist threat.”

Chairman Turner blamed the increased threat on the president’s immigration policies, which have allowed foreign nationals to enter the country “unvetted.”

He called on the administration to declassify the information on the risks and threats the FBI has seen so lawmakers and administration officials could discuss them publicly.

Turner suggested that the increased threat was expected in light of the Biden administration’s open borders policy and said the Intelligence Committee had been clear with the public about those threats, which he blamed on the administration.

Immigration officials confirmed last week that the eight men had entered the US at the southern border and were released into the country after undergoing criminal background checks.

At least two of the men entered the US sometime last year, according to officials.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force began monitoring the men after becoming aware of a possible terrorist threat from groups in central Europe.

The task force notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement about the men, who were later arrested by ICE on immigration charges. The men could also face terror-related charges.

A man from Uzbekistan, who had been in the US since February 2022, was arrested in April after officials learned about his alleged links to ISIS.

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