POLL: Banning Assault Rifles

Do you think assault rifles should be banned in the United States?

Turn on your television just about any evening and you’re bound to see news coverage talking about the AR-15 and very likely mislabeling it as an “assault rifle.” While the media wants you to believe that the AR-15 is commonly associated with mass shootings and gang violence, what they fail to mention is the myriad of other weapons used. The effort put into the media campaign against the AR-15 is nothing short of astounding — and misguided.

The reality is that the AR-15 is no more (or less) dangerous than any other semi-automatic gun or firearm. The average firearm can only be fired as fast as the shooter can the trigger, with very few exceptions. Safety always boils down to who is using a weapon, how it is being used, and where.

Americans have been given the right to bear arms via our Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. A responsible American really has no choice but to wonder why the AR-15 always ends up in the spotlight when a crime takes place.

We’ve asked thousands of Americans what they think about bans on assault rifles.


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