Prince Harry Discusses Meghan Markle, Racism on Book Tour

Prince Harry Discusses Meghan Markle, Racism on Book Tour

( – In a recent interview, Britain’s wayward Prince Harry claimed that while his wife Meghan Markle may not be “visibly black,” she is still a victim of racism by the media.

While appearing on “Good Morning America” as part of his media tour promoting his ghostwritten memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry told Michael Strahan that even though his wife “is not visibly black,” she is black. Therefore, the way the media treats her “is incredibly relatable to everybody else of color.”

Harry claimed that his celebrity wife could have been a benefit to the Royal Family because she is an ethnic minority. He said the Royal Family’s failure to accommodate Meghan was a “huge missed opportunity.”

He said Meghan had told him “right from the beginning” that she provided “representation.” Harry told Strahan that because he is a “privileged white man,” at first he didn’t understand what Meghan meant.

Harry also said he also believes that the process he went through to recognize his “own unconscious bias” would be “hugely beneficial” to the Royal Family.

He explained that he isn’t racist. But, if people don’t confront or acknowledge their “unconscious bias” and learn and grow from it, “that can then move into racism.” He said from what he has learned, “we all want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.”

It wouldn’t be difficult to conclude that Meghan has her husband well-trained.

The release of Harry’s ghostwritten memoir hasn’t endeared him to the British people.

A YouGov poll last week found that Harry and Meghan are no more disliked among older Brits than his scandal-plagued uncle Prince Andrew, Duke of York. While 60 percent of those over 65 have a “very” negative view of Andrew, a staggering 73 percent have a “very” negative view of Harry and 69 percent feel the same way about his wife.

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