93% Of Voters Consider Border “Somewhat Serious”

(PatriotWise.com) — Most voters consider the border crisis a “somewhat serious” problem, according to a CBS/YouGov poll. But Democrats were reportedly more open to the idea of welcoming migrants with open arms, but only if there is space, which many do not think there is. While 52 percent favor housing migrants, only 37 percent believe that there are facilities in their city to do so.

Democrats are overwhelmingly supportive of illegal immigration with 80 percent saying that migrants should be housed. However, only 59 percent say there are the facilities to do so. In New York City, the immigration crisis has spiraled so much out of control that Mayor Eric Adams was planning on housing them in public schools, according to a report from American Pigeon.

Contrasted with Democrats, Republicans who live in the same city are opposed to housing migrants, often saying that there is no space. But among all voters, it is evenly split at 50-50 in support of border states sending migrants to northern states. 60 percent of Republicans approve of sending migrants to northern states, while Democrats disapprove of sending them there, instead believing that migrants should stay in border states, which are predominantly red.

Democrats (41 percent) are in favor of the idea that the president should be “tougher” on immigration. That number is up 7 points from February. 39 percent of Democrats say that Biden is handling things just right, but that is down 3 points from February. Overall, Biden’s approval when it comes to dealing with the border is only 37 percent compared with a disapproving 63 percent.

Although Republicans see illegal immigration as a “crisis,” Democrats see it as both a “serious” (46 percent) and “somewhat serious” (30 percent) problem. Among all voters, 38 percent see the country going in a “somewhat badly” direction and 34 percent see it as going in a “very badly” direction.”

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