Pro-Palestinian Demonstration Yields More Than 100 Arrests

( — New York City police arrested over 100 pro-Hamas protesters and removed the unauthorized encampment on the Columbia University campus last week at the request of the university, ABC News reported.

The protesters, who were harassing Jewish students and chanting pro-Hamas propaganda, occupied the south lawn for more than a day before the university asked police to intervene.

According to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, the protestors refused to leave despite multiple warnings that they were violating campus rules.

In a letter to the university community, Columbia President Nemat Shafik said she had authorized the NYPD to clear the encampment, explaining that the safety of the campus was her “top priority” and the university “needed to preserve an environment where everyone could learn.”

Shafik said the protesters had been warned that they could face suspension if the encampment, which “violated a long list of rules and policies,” was not removed.

Just one day earlier, President Shafik testified before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, answering questions about Columbia’s response to antisemitism on campus. During her testimony, Shafik denied that “anti-Jewish protests” were taking place at Columbia, despite the protesters chanting, “Jews out.”

Mayor Adams told reporters that while the students have the right to free speech, they do not have the right to “disrupt learning” or “violate university policies.”

The NYPD moved in Thursday afternoon and began dismantling the tent encampment and arresting students as protesters chanted “Shame!” Those arrested were escorted to buses to be taken for processing.

According to Police Commissioner Edward Caban, around 108 individuals were arrested for trespassing. Two were also charged with obstruction of governmental administration.

Among those arrested for trespassing was Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter, Isra Hirsi.

Earlier that day, Hirsi claimed that she was one of three Muslim Columbia students suspended for participating in the protest.

According to the Associated Press, the organizers of the encampment demanded that the school grant “full amnesty” to the students who were suspended or arrested.

Despite the arrests, the protests have continued at Columbia.

The university’s Orthodox Rabbi sent a message to Jewish students on Sunday, urging them to go home until it was safe to return to campus.

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